Zemen’s father in law is admitted to hospital.

zemen's FIL

Zemen’s father in law is admitted to hospital. Ato kassahun Alemayehu age of 80 years, has been admitted in Addis Ababa Yerer Hospital for the leg problem from April 1st to April 4th 2016. According Dr. Zenebe H/Silase the reason behind such a case is some times came to people with old ages and cannot be cured until it is treated well through continuous medication and follow up. Following the instruction of taking medicine as well and psychologically treating the patient will be the other advices he gave to the relatives. After all medical option is completed in the near future the removal of the damaged part will be happen so that the other part will be treated before it started to disseminated to other healthy parts of the body.

Ato Kassahun has eight children four daughters and four sons; among the eight he lost 2 boys and the other six children’s are alive. Five of them are working in different places of the country Ethiopia one his son is living in Norway. He is well known for his hardworking emotion.